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Jul 31, 2023

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Introduction to Data Pipelines

Understand data pipeline principles, components, and stages. Explore key considerations and challenges in building data pipelines for seamless data flow.

Data Ingestion and Extraction

Master techniques for ingesting data from diverse sources like databases, files, and APIs. Learn about batch and streaming processing approaches, along with data ingestion challenges like data validation and change data capture.

Data Transformation and Manipulation

Discover data transformation and manipulation techniques within data pipelines. Implement data cleaning, filtering, and enrichment using frameworks like Apache Spark.

Data Pipeline Orchestration and Workflow Management

Learn to manage data pipeline workflows with tools like Apache Airflow, Luigi, and Dagster. Design effective workflows, handle dependencies, scheduling, and error handling to ensure smooth data flow.

Data Pipeline Monitoring and Error Handling

Implement monitoring and alerting mechanisms for data pipelines. Address data quality issues and handle errors, while effectively logging and tracking data pipeline metrics and performance.

Data Pipeline Scalability and Performance Optimization

Explore techniques for scaling data pipelines to handle large data volumes. Optimize data processing and transformation with distributed computing concepts like parallel processing.

Integration with Data Processing Systems

Integrate data pipelines with downstream data processing and analytics systems. Streamline data flow from pipelines to data warehouses, data lakes, or real-time analytics platforms using event-driven architectures.

Data Pipeline Testing and Deployment

Develop strategies for testing data pipelines and ensuring data quality. Learn how to deploy data pipelines in production environments and manage version control for data pipeline changes.

Best Practices and Case Studies

Adopt best practices for designing, developing, and maintaining data pipelines. Explore real-world case studies showcasing data pipelines in data engineering. Stay updated on emerging trends and advancements in data pipeline technologies.


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