Advanced SQL for Engineering

The course covers advanced SQL concepts, data manipulation and transformation, handling large datasets, advanced joins and set operations.




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Jul 31, 2023

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This program will provide you with in-depth knowledge and practical skills in utilizing SQL for complex data engineering tasks. The course aims to enhance participants' ability to design efficient and optimized database schemas, write advanced SQL queries, and perform data transformations and manipulations using SQL. By the end of the course, participants should be able to leverage SQL to tackle real-world data engineering challenges effectively.


  • Basic understanding of SQL fundamentals, including syntax, basic queries, and data manipulation statements (e.g., SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
  • Familiarity with relational databases
  • Access to a computer with a SQL database management system installed (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).


Introduction to Advanced SQL Concepts

Learn essential SQL fundamentals, database concepts, and explore advanced SQL features crucial for data engineering. Discover optimization techniques to enhance the performance of SQL queries.

Advanced Data Manipulation and Transformation

Unlock the power of advanced filtering techniques like subqueries and window functions for complex data retrieval. Master efficient aggregations and grouping operations for streamlined data processing. Utilize advanced data transformation techniques such as CASE statements and derived tables for effective data preprocessing.

Working with Large Datasets

Equip yourself with techniques for handling large datasets in SQL, including partitioning tables and managing partitions. Implement performance optimization strategies to ensure efficient data operations with large-scale datasets.

Advanced Joins and Set Operations

Delve into different types of joins, such as INNER JOIN, OUTER JOIN, and CROSS JOIN, to combine and analyze data sets effectively. Learn set operations like UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT for data comparison. Understand performance considerations for optimizing join operations.

Optimization Techniques and Performance Tuning

Explore query optimization techniques involving query plans, indexes, and statistics to optimize SQL queries. Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks for enhanced query efficiency. Learn profiling and benchmarking techniques for comprehensive SQL query analysis.


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